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Develop of constructors

  • Making up technical assignment for designing a certain unit or all equipment proceeding from the customer’s request.
  • Developing the technical project and getting it approved according to the existing regulations.
  • Develop the detail design.
  • Introduction of the technology into the production process with taking decisions as problems arise.
  • Developing accompanying and maintenance documentation.
  • on-site installation and adjustment supervision.
  • The update both imported and home-made of Oil rigs or updating of particular parts of it.

Modernization of drilling rigs.
  • Modernization and development of drilling rigs and units of drilling rigs of home and foreign manufacture:
  • Conformation of drilling rig with safety regulations: evacuator for derrick man, perflation etc.
  • Extension of service life of drilling rig: change of fabricated metals, repair of major unit, examination of industrial safety etc.
  • Improvement of working conditions for drilling rig crew: shelters, capsules etc.
  • Reequipment of drilling rigs depending on local conditions of drilling and safety regulations.
  • Substitution noncontrolled alternating-current(AC) drive for frequency-regulated DC- or AC- drive.
  • Computer-assisted design that allows optimize as much as possible drilling rig’s design and reduce mistakes. 
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