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The METALLURG was found in 1990 and is well known on the territory of former USSR and Asian countries. During all this time METALLURG has managed to hold leading position on the market of mining and oil production equipment and engineering. We provide high quality and wide range of equipment for oil-drilling and mining industries, most of it ready to be supplied from our warehouse. We supply our equipment to the biggest Russia drilling companies : SGK-DRILLING (Russian subsidiary company of Schlumberger), Rosneft, TNK-BP, Gaspromneft, Eurasia (Lukoil) and abroad (Vietnam, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan).

Also we offer for our clients modernization and development of drilling rigs and units of drilling rigs of home and foreign manufacture, it’s technical diagnosis for extension of drilling rig’s working life. Our engineering developments are patented and satisfy the requirements of ISO 9001:2008.

The idea of creation of the METALLURG GROUP is to let every company within the group to focus on it’s main goals and approach success with maximum effect.

Our group of companies includes:

Metallurg – This company designs all our projects and owns patented engineering inventions. Engineering Department of Metallurg ready to realize even most difficult projects in oil-drilling machinery. Also we offer wide variety of units and spare parts for mining and oil-drilling equipment that can be supplied from our 6000 sq. metres warehouse in Yekaterinburg.

TMZ – The factory with lead-edge technologies and high standards of quality. Manufacturing facilities of TMZ lets us to produce drilling rigs make successful fit-ups of drilling rigs and produce wide range of  mining equipment and spare parts for crushers, mills, shovels and draglines. Welding department – 5000 square metres. Machining workshop - 2500 square metres.

ULK-MASHSERVICE – This company is one of the leaders of Industrial safety expert review on Russian market. Nondestructive examination laboratory provides us possibility to check quality of our products and lets our clients to get exact information about technical conditions of it’s equipment.

Our company’s mission is «We work in order to your machines worked».


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