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Upgrading of Drilling Equipment

 Conformation With Requirements of National Safety Rules:
- rescue device for derrick man,
- ventilation of rig’s shelters;
- control system with limit switches;
- lighting system: working lighting of all rig and emergency lighting.

Буровое оборудование: буровая установка Improvement of Drilling Rig’s Crew Working Conditions:
- heated rig shelters;
- driller's control cabin;
- derrick man deck with warm cabin;
- cradle lift for top drive service;
- leaking tray;
- kelly's feed mechanism to derrick cellar;
- false floor that allows rotary table to be on the same level with drill floor.

Upgrading of Drilling Rigs:
- Extension of service life of drilling rig: change of fabricated metals, repair of major unit, examination of industrial safety;
- reequipment of drilling rigs depending on local conditions drilling and safety regulations;
- Substitution noncontrolled alternating-current(AC) drive for frequency-regulated DC- or AC- drive;
- pneumatic hoist system;
- mud-pump manifold system.

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